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Meet Our Board Committee

President of the Board of commitee

Joe Bermudez


Hello, I am the president of Cesar E. Chavez board committee. I am an Owner of multiple businesses and love to give back to my community. I set out to educate the true meaning of who Cesar E. Chavez was and the message he still sends today! I strive to pursue that message. 


Jennifer Sharp 


My name is Jennifer Sharp. I am a life long resident and graduate of Lansing. I am the mother of two amazing boys and five fur babies. I am passionate about educating our youth and have been teaching for the Lansing School District for the past nine years. I am honored to serve on the board of directors for Lansing for Cesar E Chavez and look forward to contributing to the change we all need to see.


Jody Washington


Hello, I am  a Lansing resident that has served the community in several capacities over the years.  I began by caring for the elderly in her neighborhood as a teenager and has since been a strong neighborhood leader, LFD Fire Commissioner, and elected member of the Lansing City Council.  Currently, I am serving as the Board Chair for Endeavor House Ministries, the secretary of the board of the Ingham County Health Centers, Secretary of the Lansing for Cesar E. Chavez Commission, Secretary of the HRCS Board for the City of Lansing and advocates for the homeless in the city of Lansing. I know that community service and dedication is essential to the success of any community.  I have the heart and desire to elevate people and encourage everyone to be proud and successful.  I truly believe that every group should have a voice at the table, which has not yet been accomplished.


Jody has always been a staunch supporter of labor, the working class, unions, diversity and community involvement.  She believes in spreading knowledge, understanding, and preparing the next generation to continue the work.  The vision and mission of the Lansing for Cesar E. Chavez fits perfectly into her belief system. 

Daniel on the Cesar E. Chavez board commitee

Daniel Ferreyra

Board Member 

Hello, My name is Daniel Ferreyra. I am a Lansing Native. I take pride in supporting our local community in any way I can. I have 10 years experience in sales and marketing and currently sell new and used vehicles at Sundance Chevrolet.  I can be reached any time, Lets connect! 

Rina Risper

Board Member 

I am from the Caribbean. I work with many groups within my community. My mission is fighting for the rights of those who cannot or do not have the resources to fight for themselves. We need to work together!  Mayor Benavidez taught me that when you are inclusive, the support system is stronger.  

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